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This page is dedicated to cats much loved and very sadly missed.


This very special boy puts the "Mag" in Magleco. He is much missed. He was a rescue from the local RSPCA and was part Abyssinian. He certainly had the dog-like characteristics and ticking of the breed and was an avid head-butter and drooler! He lost much of his tail in an accident but this never slowed him down. Very sadly he lost his life at a relatively young age after suffering from heart disease. He paved the way for the Abyssinian obsession however and therefore has a lot to answer for!

Magnusbach may you rest in peace, forever licking yogurt pots in the sky ...

(A) Magnus

Magnus on his favourite windowsill seat

(B) Magnus

Magnus could sleep anywhere!

(C) Magnus

Magnus guarding the back door

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(A) Lottie with Amber and Astrid about two hours old

Lottie was Ambers' mum. She was the gorgeous Champion KoperKat Lipstick Jungle belonging to Louise and David Miskelly at Glendavan. She unfortunately lost her brave battle with anaemia when Amber and her sister, Astrid, were only a few months old. This makes Amber and Astrid all the more special carrying on their mothers line.


Trouble with Marian 1 day old

Trouble was the 1st dilute at Magleco. She was entrusted very kindly by Margaret Pollet at Agapae. Troubles time here was far too short, succumbing to postparturient complications. Trouble lived up to her name, she was a loveable pest!

She is very sadly missed, her endless energy has gone and a very big hole remains.



This extra special boy gives the "co" to Magleco. He left us suddenly just 2 months short of his fifth birthday. He leaves quite a legacy - including being the first shorthaired cat to gain the covetted Olympic Bronze title. At home he was the gentleman of the house, a unique, sweet boy who will be forever missed. Much heartache still surrounds his passing, mixed with so many loving memories of him.

Please sleep peacefully Coenbachy, you'll never be forgotten.



Cats come into our lives and leave paw prints on our hearts ...

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